Levels of Sexual Intensity

A friend recently asked me some complex questions about sex that required me to think about sexual activities in a different way. He asked me about the end goal of certain activities and what steps one might take to get there.

For instance, what is total domination? How do you start? What steps happen in between the beginning and the end?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the answer to this question can be subjective. I believe the beginning and end points are probably going to be the same for everyone, but the order of any steps in the middle might vary between individuals. What I consider commonplace might be very intense for someone else, and some people may skip particular activities altogether (or add some I hadn’t considered).

I decided for simplicity’s sake to make infographics of what I believe are the different levels – or steps – for three different activities: heterosexual sex, butt stuff, and BDSM.

How it works 

Each level adds from the previous one; I assume that someone performing a level 5 activity has already done, and continues to do, activities from lower levels. In other words, each new level is cumulative. You should start at level 1 and work your way up. Also, not everyone will want to reach the maximum level. Someone may be perfectly happy going no farther than a 3, or 7, etc.

Happy playing!

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