Man Harrasses Woman On Facebook, Gets Exposed, Whines Like A Little Baby. . .

How to NOT get the girl, and become viral all in one day!


NOTE:This will be a long image-heavy post. Only open if you happen to have a fast internet connection.

Cassandra Fox is a professional belly dancer. Back in January a man named Alexandre Chbeir added her on Facebook, and proceeded to send a ton of messages. I post this as a small example of the kind of harassment that I know many women face online. Note how be starts begging/demanding a response, even trying to call her for video chats. And when one is not forthcoming, he gets angry and insulting. Suddenly the women he thought was beautiful becomes “fat and ugly”

Yeah, that’s right. See, Cassandra posted the above screenshots in a post, showing the world what she and other women go through. And Facebook deleted her post.

This shows you how screwed upFacebook’s so-called standards are. I’ve experienced and seen that myself. As over the years I’ve…

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