Elle is a bisexual cis-gender woman in her mid-30s living in Toronto, Canada. She has been actively engaged in sexual relationships for 20 years, having had more than 30 partners comprised of both sexes. She has been married and divorced and currently only pursues open relationships with men.
Her homosexual experiences are limited, thus she writes primarily from a heterosexual perspective. She has engaged in most types of sexual relationships at least once, from one night stands to domination to long term monogamy. Her perspective is very open-minded and nonjudgemental as long as there is consent and no laws are broken:
“Sex is amazing and so much fun! It helps to keep me mentally balanced by letting go of life stress and focusing entirely on pleasure. There is definitely a learning curve involved – it can be overwhelming for someone who is just starting out, and there are things I wish I had known at the beginning. But once you find your groove and discover your interests and limits, it’s a whole new world!”

Arthur is in his late 20s living in Toronto, Canada. He has engaged primarily in heterosexual sex, although he is flexible toward some play with men. His primary sexual goal is to please his partner, and as such has done a lot of research and some experimentation with different techniques. His background in humanities and journalism has inspired him to be a staunch advocate for gender, LGBTQ, racial, and ethnic equality as well as tolerance and open-mindedness.