One Man’s Perspective on Consent

This article is amazing! This man tells a good truth that “women love sex even more than men, but they only love sex under the right conditions. Much like a garden won’t grow without the right soil, water and care, women won’t express themselves sexually unless they feel safe, and we as men have the brilliant opportunity to create that, and when we don’t we’re simply shooting ourselves in the foot.”

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Re-Post: Eroticization of Violence

For those who missed that wonderful birds and bees talk or slept through high school biology class – let’s begin with the basics. Sexual intercourse is the bedrock of human existence. With the exception of artificial insemination, egg and sperm unite through copulation. Intercourse can serve procreational purposes, recreational purposes, or both. This means that […]

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Hey guys, This post will deal with the big field of LGBTQ*-phobia. First of I will talk about the general term and it’s influence on my personal daily life. Furthermore I will talk about an aspect, which is very dear to my heart … the different manifestations of those phobias inside the LGBTQ*-community. Of course […]

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