Cunnilingus Vs. Analingus

The theory behind both cunnilingus (oral stimulation of a woman’s genitals) and analingus (oral stimulation of the anus) might seem the same in theory; there’s a tongue and a hole in both cases. However, the two techniques are actually very different. First, there’s anatomy to be considered:


Note the differences – the anus is just a hole, whereas the vulva has many different areas, each with a varying level of sensitivity.

The most important area of a woman’s vulva is the clitoris (AKA clit). The clit is actually more sensitive than the tip of a male penis – it’s a little nub full of nerves about the size of a pea. It hides away in a fleshy hood that protects it, but when excited the clit can bulge and become erect. While you don’t need to focus exclusively on the clit, I would say at least 80% of your attention needs to go there. Most women can’t orgasm without clitoral stimulation, so it’s absolutely crucial you learn to make it happy.

Every woman will like a different technique or amount of pressure, etc. so it’s good to have a few different things in mind when you start with someone new. Try out different things and decide what works best by her reaction. Louder moans, trembling, increased wetness/tightness, and fidgeting are all good signs. Some women like the feeling of teeth on their clit, but many don’t. Some like to have it sucked really hard, while this is too much for others. My general rule is to go gentle with fingers and hard with tongue. Adding a finger (or two) inside her vagina while you suck on her clit will bring her to new heights of pleasure. It’s tricky to master, and timing can be difficult, but trust me it’s worth the effort.

Analingus is much simpler, BUT: first of all, NEVER make contact with her anus without ASKING her permission first! No tongue, no fingers, and definitely no penis until she says yes.

Assuming you have her consent, analingus is really all about sticking your tongue in and around the hole. It’s not complicated. You want to create the in-and-out penetration with your tongue like you would if you were having anal sex. It’s the heat from the tongue and wetness of saliva which make the sensation enjoyable; as such, it’s also an excellent way to prepare for anal sex.

The anus is simple: simulate sex with your tongue. The vulva is much more complex, yet is also extremely rewarding once your skills have been mastered. When in doubt, ask your partner if what you’re doing feels good, or if she has a specific way she likes it.

Happy playing!